Are you a Dental Professional who has found it sometimes frustrating to find Dental Continuing Education (CE) Courses that match your needs (Location, Date, Topic, Etc.)?

Are you a CE Provider that has struggled sometimes as to how to best spend your time and marketing dollars to get the word out to your potential clients about your CE Event (Course, Conference, Cruise, Golf, Online, Etc.)?

Allow us to introduce you to each other.

That’s what we do.  And it’s Free. And Easy to use. And it works, for both of you.

For Dental Professionals

You don’t need to set up an account to search our database, but you might want to consider setting up your FREE Dental Professional account to automatically email you when a CE Event becomes available that matches up to 11 filters (date, topic, location, speaker, cost, credits, etc). You can also save favourite search criteria, CE Providers, etc to for easy retrieval later. With Dave’s Dental CE you can search as wide or narrow a search as you want. And you’ll Find it All. Here. FREE.

Courses of any imaginable type (lecture, conference, cruise, hands on, etc), and of any imaginable topic (all aspects of general and specialist dentistry, personal well being, personal and business wealth, office management, etc), for any imaginable dental audience (dentists, specialists, assistants, hygienists, managers, lab techs, denturists, students, etc) can be found at Dave’s Dental CE.

Check out our About CE section to learn about different CE Providers behind the scenes, what they recommend, new trends and tips and recommendations on how to approach your Dental CE requirements and interests. 

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Any Type of Dental CE for Every Type of Dental Professional.
Find It All. Here.

For CE Providers

You need to be here.
We are the only place, in web, print or anywhere else where all the people who will view you are exactly your perfect target audience… Dental Professionals seeking a CE Event.
If your CE Events are not listed here, you are not exposing your Courses to those Dental Professionals who are right now trying to decide where to attend their next CE Event.

Any person or company that provides Continuing Education Events on any topic (dental, business, personal, etc) that might interest any type of Dental Professional are welcome to participate, for FREE. We simply want to provide the most comprehensive database of Continuing Education for Dental Professionals to be able to search through and thus you can upload an unlimited number of your CE Events for free!

Registering is easy and quick. Also FREE.

If you want to improve your exposure, you might consider the options available to promote your CE Event on our website. All CE Events (whether posted for Free or Promoted) are searchable on our database and will be found by Dental Professionals.
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Why wouldn’t you participate?

Our Story

Dave’s Dental CE was created to allow Dental Professionals (no matter what your job in the dental profession may be) to easily find all the CE Events available. We believe that Dental professionals want the option to be able to actively search for CE Events that might interest them vs only passively hearing about CE Events from outside sources (your dental rep, a dental magazine, etc) that may or may not interest them.

All CE Providers who wish to upload their CE Events into our database are first reviewed by our Team to ensure that they are actually CE Providers to ensure the integrity of our database.

If you ever have any questions, issues or concerns that we can help with, please feel free to Contact Us

I hope you find Dave’s Dental CE as exciting as I do.

Dr. Dave Wolle 

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